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How to get an erection

Almost all men experience erection problems. Treatment depends on particular conditions, but if you need an urgent help to get an instant erection - we can help! We will review topical erection oils - all natural products that will help you get an erection when you need it. If you ask how to get an erection - we know the answer!

May 10, 2010

Old Age Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction should not be a part of your life. With age man requires better stimulation (to be touched and caressed) if he wants to get an erection. Gaps between erections become also bigger. But still nothing is in the way of your pleasure and satisfaction. Get an erection to have all benefits of intimate side of life.

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread problem. Though it is more frequent among men over 40, men of any age group can suffer from it and numerous tests have proven it already.

  • 52 % of men in the age group from 40-70 suffer from definite degree of erectile dysfunction.
  • Every tenth man is not able to get an erection by any means and this is something that is called "complete erectile dysfunction"
  • The reasons for erectile dysfunction are mainly physical.
  • There is connection between ED and age. If we study men of 40, you will discover 39% of people suffering from erectile dysfunction, while the group of 70-year-old men contains 67% of men with ED, which can be moderate, minimal or complete.

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